Fleet Tracking Management System - FTMS

Fleet Tracking Management System (FTMS) is an online based portal for vehicle tracking developed with Google and Here maps. This system helps in tracking the vehicle position and their current location. We can also have an eye on the speed of the vehicle so that no unwanted incidents occur. The system has number of jQuery files used and there is the good use of Moment.js and KnockOut.js for the date pcikers used. Due to KnockOut, the page is not reloading which is the basic functionality of this system.

  • The two maps used are Google Maps and Here Maps.
  • Based on the selected company, vehicles of that particular company are displayed on the map.
  • The labels with the description of vehicle such as vehicle name, driver name, speed etc… are displayed on mouse hover.
  • When today’s date is selected then live refresh and moving of the vehicle from one point to another is seen.
  • Tracks data is brought only when vehicle is selected and tracks option is clicked, so there is no unnecessary loading of data when page is initialized.
  • Direction Service from Google is utilized to draw tracks on the map.
  • We can have the animations of the vehicle too to have a look over the position of vehicle in past.
  • There are multiple charts used for Vehicle Speed, Vehicle Statistics (includes distance, gas and gas cost) and Vehicle Temperature.
  • Vehicle Speed and Vehicle Temperature charts can be bound by time range, so that we can see the speed or temperature at a particular point of time.
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.NET, AJAX, ASP.Net, C#, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout.Js, LINQ, Map API, Microsoft, SQL Server.
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